Galaxie, Guardian of the Milky Way and a member of the Sesheta, immortal protector's of the Universe, seeks out the illusive Trichinas race who have made Earth their home for hundreds of years. Her goal is to stop a predatory evil, Astwihad and his clones, from destroying Earth and her solar system as he destroyed the peaceful Tridents and their Deneb star system. Together, with a small band of Humans, the Trichinas travel through a wormhole in Galaxie's living ship, Solana, to reach the Altair Star System where an advanced race called Waring live. Trading for ships and weapons and the training to use them, humanity leaps ahead in their evolution as their new allies share their knowledge of technology and medicine. The Trichinas will face many dangers as they help Humans reach for the stars and engage Astwihad in battle.


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